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Why parents need a break

Why parents need a break

24/7 makes you unhappy: That’s why parents need a break from time to time

In families, a lot revolves around the children. Parents are aware of this fact and usually enjoy the turbulent everyday life with countless tasks, ups and downs. However, it should not be forgotten that parents are not just parents. It is also important to meet personal and partnership needs in order to remain happy and healthy in the long term. But how does that work? This is how you can keep children busy during the corona crisis

Regeneration protects body and soul

Moms and dads often need to be available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. A sick child, schoolwork, small and big worries or even the usual everyday business with household and Co. take up a large part of life. If you also go to work and have to meet other obligations, you quickly end up in a vicious circle.

Constant availability then becomes an obstacle to the regeneration that is so important. Over time, a wide variety of symptoms such as headaches, tension, sleep disorders and mood swings can set in. If you don’t listen to your body’s warning signals, you may soon find yourself in the burnout spiral, which in the worst case can only be escaped with inpatient therapy. And even if the constant stress does not lead to burnout, it poses a risk to mental and physical health. Both need sufficient rest to process experiences and influences and to be able to strengthen themselves for the next tasks. It is crucial to consciously allow yourself breaks.

Time off keeps the relationship healthy

Being a parent leaves little room for romance, tenderness and moments of togetherness. As a result, mothers and fathers who do not allow themselves a break as a couple risk their relationship. Often, quite unconsciously and unintentionally, people distance themselves from each other, their love life falls asleep and there are no topics of conversation on the couch in the evening. “We grew apart,” is often the answer when problems in the partnership come up. But this can be avoided with regular breaks. Also read: The great silence in the relationship

What to do during the break for two?

If parents want to spend some time together as a couple, there are numerous leisure activities on offer. A visit to a restaurant, an evening at the cinema, a day at the thermal baths or even a weekend holiday in a nearby hotel are good for the relationship and enable partners to just take care of each other.

Here it is crucial to ensure that the time is as disruption-free as possible. Child care should be secured in good time. Overnight stays with grandparents or other relatives offer the opportunity to be on the road without worries until the next day. If it is only for one evening, a trustworthy babysitter can also help. It is best to avoid constant calls and queries so that togetherness is only disturbed in an emergency.

You can also do this during your time out together

  • Do sports together
  • Relax together
  • Visit to the amusement park
  • Fun in the climbing park
  • Visit to the zoo
  • forest walk
  • shopping day
  • Cook together
  • Take a bath together


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Don’ts in the couple break

Switching from parent to pair mode is not easy. In many cases, the thoughts about homework, sleeping habits and cuddly toys continues to turn despite the break that was actually planned and suddenly the conversation is only about children and family again. It is best for couples to forbid this and instead talk about things that affect the relationship and each individual. In this way, both learn that they still have a life apart from being a parent, which can be shaped with a little time and patience.

Sometimes you can plan all by yourself

Couple breaks are already an important step on the way to more rest and relaxation in everyday life. However, those downtimes when mothers and fathers can only focus on themselves should not be forgotten. Such breaks are usually neglected in family life, but they are extremely important in order not to stand in the way of the development of one’s own personality. Those who do not allow themselves any time off and never pursue their own interests often lose the connection to themselves and after a few years hardly know what really feels like.

Tips for the break

  • Relaxing bath
  • read good book
  • pursue the hobby
  • Meet with friends
  • watching a movie
  • to eat out

Ideas for individual breaks

In order to have a good time without a partner and children, you don’t necessarily need a fixed hobby. Of course it is okay to spend your free time in a sports club, sewing course or book club, but there is no obligation. An afternoon on the couch with a good book or a long walk in the forest can be the perfect time-out. It is best to plan such breaks in consultation with your partner. Couples can then take turns so that one looks after the children while the other treats himself to a well-deserved rest. Also read this article: Moms need breaks too


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