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vacation on the water

vacation on the water

What should you consider when vacationing on the water?

A boating holiday is a great thing for the whole family. The little ones in particular have fun climbing around on the boat, playing captain or simply fishing. It’s great to walk around on the jetties and see boats that you otherwise only see on TV. But life on the water also involves risks. Even if children and adults can swim, a dock, river or lake is a completely different thing than a swimming pool. 

Don’t underestimate the dangers

Children traveling with you should be made aware of the consequences of falling into the water before the trip. Temperature, clothing and the shock alone should not be underestimated. Although a few safety tips cannot prevent someone from falling into the water, the dangers of drowning, hypothermia and serious injuries can be greatly reduced.

Two things are particularly important: on the one hand, the children’s understanding of sticking to the rules and, on the other hand, the correct and level-headed behavior of the boatman.

man overboard

Panic is the worst advisor in a dangerous situation. Therefore, every boat driver is well advised to master the simple “man overboard manoeuvre”. This should be practiced often with a little experience so that the processes are internalized. And this is how it works: After the speed has been reduced, the boat is turned in such a way that the stern turns away from the alleged victim. Then you steer so carefully towards the victim that the wind, if there is any, supports the action. The boat rental company will certainly show you the exact procedures at the handover.


Life jackets are mandatory when vacationing on the water

With children, admonitions and coercion are of little use. You have to explain to the child insistently how dangerous it is to fall into the water and get caught between two ships. This is precisely why everyone on deck, regardless of age, should wear an approved and checked life jacket. At first, putting it on will be a bit annoying and unfamiliar, because younger children in particular will need some help here. However, the annoying evil quickly becomes routine and many simply find the bright red garment cool.

Practice and explain what to do in an emergency

However, wearing the life jacket alone is not enough. That’s why parents should, if it’s not too cold, let their children go into the water wearing a vest. You can experience first-hand how a life jacket behaves in the water. This careful practice prevents an emerging panic in an emergency. Life jackets are usually part of the boat’s safety equipment. Boat rental companies usually stock them in many sizes, often even in a few model variants. This allows for some choice in the wearing comfort and handling of the life-saving garment.

If you spend a lot of time on the water, you can also think about buying your own life jacket. These are now available in almost every well-stocked sporting goods store and also in different models and qualities. So you have a suitable alternative to the uncomfortable solid vests on the charter boat.

This is how you can take a holiday on the water:

  • With a houseboat
  • With a sailing boat
  • With the canoe
  • With a motor boat

Before hitting the water, make sure everyone can swim. Otherwise you can do a swimming course for adults or a children’s swimming course .
Don’t forget to take out travel cancellation insurance !


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