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The weekend dad

The weekend dad

When couples with children live apart

For fathers who have lived with their children for a long time, coming home and not hearing the usual background noise of the children is more than just unusual. No child comes running towards you and throws your arms around your neck. A large proportion of the children of separated couples still live with their mothers in Germany. This means a huge cut, especially for fathers. Because normally they only see their children every two weeks for a weekend – the weekend daddy was born.

But the term “weekend dad” belies the actual facts, because the “fathers” of the children are also the separated fathers for life. And just as many of them want to remain a part of the everyday life of the children. But this is not as easy as it sounds. Since many couples finally go their separate ways and often part in a fight, the basis for this is often destroyed. Without sensible communication with the child’s mother, many fathers are denied this wish.
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What all changes when couples live apart

If the parents go their separate ways, it is also a drastic experience for the children. They often react differently, asking detailed questions about new apartment keys, the way to school or the next football tournament. A large number of children find it difficult to deal with potential new life partners their parents, even new half-siblings can be confusing. Fathers are therefore confronted with various new challenges. This also includes a new apartment in which there is really space for the child – i.e. a children’s room that offers the son or daughter the opportunity to retreat. For some children, the “weekend dad” is also synonymous with “commuting”, not only within the city, but also to more distant areas where the father now lives and works.

Instead of having a permanent life partner, the child’s mother now has to deal more or less on her own. Decisions are made and they don’t always conform to the father’s opinion. Its influence is waning, but not entirely fading. This helplessness is a great burden for fathers who can only see their children a few days a month. In the best case, both parents continue to look after the children, even though they are separated. Dad can accompany his son to football training or take his daughter to music school. All too often, however, contact is essentially limited to two weekends a month. Fathers have to make intensive use of this valuable time. The only advantage is that the moments can really belong to the children. While the mother is already thinking about doing the laundry again,Babysitter organized during the week, dad can enjoy the time with the kids and make them adventurous.


What can weekend dads do with their kids?

  • Go shopping together
  • Go to the cinema
  • Visit to the museum
  • Visit to the zoo
  • Do sports together
  • Bike or hiking tour
  • game night
  • video night
  • Cook together

Life as a weekend dad

Als Wochenendpapa muss man vielen Menschen gerecht werden. In erster Linie natürlich seinen Kindern. Aber auch neue Lebensgefährtinnen wünschen vielleicht den Kontakt zu dem Kind. Zudem legen sie sicher ebenso Wert darauf, an den Wochenenden persönliche und intime Zeit als Paar zu verbringen, was mit einem Vollzeit-Wochenendpapa schwierig werden kann. Zu guter Letzt möchten die Großeltern auch ihr Enkelkind verwöhnen und dafür bleibt ebenfalls nur zwei Mal im Monat ein Wochenende übrig. Die Zeit ist knapp und eng bemessen.

It’s nice for everyone involved, especially the children, when the father is not only allowed to appear as a weekend dad, but can also keep in touch with the children during the week. Sons and daughters can also talk to their fathers over the phone. The best interests of the child must always come first.


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