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Swimming for families

Swimming for families

Tips for family swimming

Weekend at last! Time to relax and do things together. For sports and games and for each other as a family. What could be better? But the wishes of children and parents do not always coincide. The kids want action and the parents want to go to the theater so that the culture doesn’t get all dusty. The little ones want to go to the swimming pool and mom and dad would like to do something for their bodies. But wait: there is a solution for exactly this problem! How about swimming as a family? Swimming tips for children

Indoor pool or outdoor pool?

A visit to the swimming pool is perfectly compatible with the needs of parents and children. Swimming is good for the body and soul, and the kids have fun in the water. Ideally, you should choose a leisure pool with a sufficiently large swimming pool for this activity. If you go at a time when half the city is not meeting in the wet element, you can swim your laps in peace and quiet without having to constantly dodge. Especially on weekends, the early morning hours are ideal for this. If it can be arranged professionally and the children are not yet of school age, the mornings during the week are also well suited for a joint visit to the swimming pool. Whether to go to the outdoor pool or the indoor swimming pool is usually decided by the weather and personal preferences. Hardened swimmers will go to the outdoor pool even at 16 degrees, and warmth-loving people are more likely to be drawn to the indoor pool even at higher outdoor temperatures. The fact is: you can swim in any weather and that is exactly the beauty of this recreational sport. Even Aquafitness is suitable for families!

Swimming is good for your back

But why is swimming so ideal for families? Well, each of us – whether small or large – is exposed to certain stresses in our everyday lives. Tension is the order of the day these days, and not just for mom or dad. Even schoolchildren report back problems due to long periods of sitting at school and tension headaches because the workload seems to increase immeasurably. Swimming is a good balance to everyday life – this sport uses almost all muscle groups of the human body. And you don’t even have to exert yourself very much, because the buoyancy of the water is used. Backstroke is particularly recommended. In this position, the spine is wonderfully relieved and those who have problems with the intervertebral discs will experience relief from their complaints through this type of swimming.


Training for our immune system

Atchoo! How often do we catch a cold because our immune system fails us once again? Especially in winter, many of us suffer from coughs, colds and hoarseness. But we can support our immune system in the fight against viruses and bacteria. How? Quite simply! As soon as we enter the pool, we expose our body to a certain cold stimulus. This stimulates blood circulation, which is a very good vascular workout for the outer blood vessels. This effect can be further enhanced by alternating cold and warm water showers after swimming. By the way, these so-called alternating showers are also an integral part of the Kneipp program, named after its inventor, the “water doctor” Sebastian Kneipp.

Practice early

Swimming is an ideal endurance sport that even children can do. The swimming movements can be learned quickly and many kids master them long before they start school. A basic requirement, however, is that the little ones are not afraid of the water. But if you take your child to the pool regularly when it is still a baby, you will not experience any fear of the water later on.

Baby swimming in the first months of life is particularly popular with young parents.

Special water familiarization and
swimming courses for children and adults round out the offerings at many local swimming pools.

Clear the way for a good mood!

In addition to the advantages in terms of the physical level, swimming in the family can score with a further plus. The sport in the wet element brings fun and joy and relaxes wonderfully. The stress from school or office disappears already with the first swimming movements and joy and good mood set in. The “we-feeling” is strengthened and the family experiences itself as a whole. It goes without saying that the youngest swimmers are taken into consideration. So no stubborn lane-pulling, but the movement and the joy of swimming should be in the foreground. And when junior is exhausted, dad can play a round of ferry and transport his son piggyback through the water. And at the end, everyone relaxes together in the whirlpool.


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