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summer vacation at home

summer vacation at home

Our leisure tips for families during the summer holidays

Summer vacation: for most families, that means packing your bags, getting on the plane or in the car, relaxing far away from home and discovering new things. But not all families can spend a holiday together. There can be several reasons for this. Sometimes a family vacation just isn’t financially possible because the money is just enough for everyday expenses. And sometimes it just can’t be arranged that both parents get their employer’s leave approval at the same time. No matter what the reason – even if you spend the summer holidays at home, you don’t have to do without fun, action and good times with your family.

It is often the case that families know their way around abroad but have relatively little idea of ​​the local area. Spending the holidays at home is a good opportunity to change that. Day trips can be organized spontaneously and without much effort and everyone in the family can express their wishes.

Excursion tips for the summer holidays at home:

Animal park or amusement park?

If you have small children, a trip to the animal park or zoo is a good idea. Watching the different animals, getting closer to them in the petting zoo and learning a lot of interesting facts about their original habitat and their behavior – mum and dad won’t get bored either. Bigger kids usually want more action. No problem. The next amusement park is certainly not far and the announcement of this trip will certainly end in a storm of enthusiasm. A little tip: if you go to the amusement park more often, it may be worth getting a season ticket. Pay once and experience unlimited fun at any time – that not only pleases the family, but also relieves the household budget. 

Hiking with children

How about a nice hiking tour? You mean it’s not for the kids? None! The only thing that matters here is the right organization. Of course, the planned tour must not be too big. But what’s much more important: don’t just walk from A to B, but choose a route that offers variety. This can be a Kneipp facility for treading water, an adventure playground or a rest area where hikers big and small can refresh themselves. Also always nice: a tour is run and a route is taken by train. In some places, historic steam trains still puff through the woods and fields – an unforgettable experience, especially for children! More about hiking with children


Modern scavenger hunt – geocaching

Ever heard of geocaching? This modern type of scavenger hunt not only gets you active in the great outdoors, but also gets your brain cells busy. Depending on the type and difficulty of the cache, things can get pretty tricky! However, a GPS device is a prerequisite for this leisure fun, because the “treasure” can only be found using the given coordinates (sometimes only found out after a long time of tinkering). Learn more about geocaching as a family sport

More leisure tips for families

Of course, vacation doesn’t just mean being on the road and experiencing action. Simply lying lazily in the outdoor pool or at the quarry pond, the sun shining on your stomach and letting your soul dangle – all this is possible without a holiday trip.

It’s more fun when friends and acquaintances are part of the party. The kids then have someone to play with and the adults don’t get bored either. If you are short on cash, pack a picnic basket with all kinds of delicacies at home before you start. Chilled fruit and light snacks are particularly popular on hot days. Don’t forget to bring enough drinks with you! Tips for bathing with children


Summer holidays should be used for relaxation and should not degenerate into stress. Therefore, it is important not to completely plan this time. So just keep a few days free and decide spontaneously with your family what you want to do or whether you just want to relax in the garden or on the balcony.


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