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Tandem riding with your partner

Tandem riding with your partner

On the road with the tandem

“Shared happiness is double happiness”. Jump on a tandem with your partner, you won’t regret it. Tandem rides have a wonderful bonding effect, are great fun and have a motivating effect. Anyone who tries it will immediately notice how beautiful cycling can actually be.
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Less power – more enjoyment

Cycling for two is really nice on a tandem. Enthusiastic and experienced tandem riders are completely convinced of this. Riding a tandem creates less air resistance than a normal bicycle, but doubles the driving force. If one driver gets tired, the second can crank along easily. The tandem is also the best vehicle for lovers. You are very close to your partner and learn to trust your partner. You accelerate, brake and steer together. In addition to the unique sporting activity and the intensive discussions with the partner, tandem riders are also always enchanted by the impressive landscapes. Tandems allow not only young but also old to be equally mobile.

The most beautiful tandem destinations near and far – bike paths in the US

Do you already know the routes around your place of residence like the back of your hand and finally want to try a new tour with your partner? Here are some suggestions for short tours and long-distance hiking trails:

  • Sabino Canyon
    The Sabino Canyon Recreation Area northeast of Tucson is an ideal place for a relaxing day of biking in Arizona. One of the most scenic natural areas in the southeastern state, Sabino Canyon boasts traffic-free, paved trails and beautiful views of deep canyons and towering mountains. Since Sabino Canyon is part of the Coronado National Forest, cyclists can expect not only an extensive green landscape, but also a unique flora and fauna, including for example the rare Saguaro cacti as well as lizards and small snakes. In the middle of the millions of years old Santa Catalina Mountains or at Sabino Creek, a small picnic can also be built in, because there are numerous water stations and public toilets along the route. The bike tour is best started from Tucson.
  • Through the forests and winelands at the gates of New York
    If you want to spice up your trip to New York City with one or two nature experiences, Long Island is the place for you. Numerous landscapes are waiting to be explored on the multifaceted island, also by bike. The Bethpage Bikeway is popular, which leads over 20 kilometers through two state parks, wetlands and small towns. The best place to start is Bethpage State Park, which is best known for its golf courses but is also perfect for cyclists. There are also numerous bike trails that wind through the scenic Long Island vineyards.
  • Along the Grand Canyon
    The fact that Arizona’s landmark, the Grand Canyon, can be admired on foot or from above from a helicopter is known worldwide. However, mountain bike trails also lead along the famous gorge, which, thanks to their location at 903 meters above sea level, offer breathtaking views of the canyon. The 36-kilometer route is called the Rainbow Rim Trail. It runs along the north rim of the Grand Canyon through the Kaibab National Forest and connects five well-known viewpoints. For advanced bikers, there is a guided tour along the North Rim on World Bicycle Day, during which participants spend a full five days on the bike. Mountain bikers can enjoy unforgettable moments at one of the most fascinating natural wonders of the United States.
  • Pure nature around Fort Myers
    In the island paradise around Fort Myers, the partly untouched nature can best be enjoyed on numerous bike paths or wildlife trails along the coast and on the water, through mangrove forests and historic downtown Fort Myers. On the twin islands of Sanibel and Captiva alone, visitors have access to more than 50 kilometers of bike paths that lead through subtropical vegetation and wetlands. Cyclists can admire more than 245 species of birds along the way, and even an alligator can sometimes be spotted. The islands of Pine Island and Matlacha are also particularly good for cyclists due to the sparse traffic.


Other beautiful cycle paths:

  • White Mountain Tour, Arizona
  • Or any of the routes from United States bicycle route system (USBRS):
  • Atlantic Coast
  • Florida
  • Grand Canyon
  • Great Divide
  • Great Parks
  • Great Rivers
  • Green Mtns Loop
  • Lake Erie
  • Lewis & Clark
  • North Lakes
  • Northern Tier
  • Pacific Coast
  • Soutern Tier
  • Tidewater Potomac
  • Transamerica
  • Unterground Railroad
  • Utah Cliffs Loop
  • Western Express

Or check the Adventure Cycling Association for guided tours on your bike!

Conclusion on tandem riding with a partner
In addition to the sporting challenge that tandem riding entails, the special cycling on a tandem becomes a unique experience thanks to the enjoyment of the landscape and the special contact and closeness to your partner. It has already revealed a new facet in the relationship for many a couple.


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