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Camping with children

Camping with children

Holiday experience in the great outdoors

Sometimes you just have to get out. Leave everyday life with its small and larger problems behind and get some fresh air somewhere else. Sure, you could just book a vacation rental or hotel room somewhere, or enjoy the all-inclusive service of a major resort. But how about a holiday in the middle of nature – with a holiday in a tent? Have breakfast in front of the tent early in the morning with the first rays of sunshine, spend a lot of time in nature and end the day at the campfire with the sounds of the guitar, bread on a stick and sausages.

Tips for camping holidays

Anyone who has ever been camping knows how uncomplicated such a trip can be and how comfortable the children feel on an “open-air holiday”. If, on the other hand, you have never been out in a tent before, you will surely have fears as well as many questions. Isn’t it much too cold for the kids in the tent? How old do the little ones have to be to go camping with the family? What equipment do you need there? What are the hygienic conditions on a campsite? And isn’t it all too chaotic?

A camping holiday only becomes chaotic if you approach the whole thing uninformed. With a little planning, good equipment and one or two insider tips, camping is really fun and all family members can enjoy a relaxing holiday. But what do you need when you go on vacation this way?

The family tent

Very important: the right housing. A good tent is the basic requirement for a relaxing holiday. It should not be too small, because in addition to the number of people, luggage and household utensils also have to be accommodated. A 4-person tent is therefore too small for a family of 4. In a 5-6 family tent there is more space and more space means more order when camping. Since families with children usually arrive by car, the pack size of the tent is not quite as important as it is for a bike tour, for example. Every vacationer wishes for good weather – but when camping, the desire for a rain-free time is particularly important. Since there is no guarantee of this, you should pay attention to the water column when buying a tent. It allows conclusions to be drawn about the waterproofness of the tent skin. As a rule, a tent is considered waterproof from a water column of 1500 millimeters.


Accessories for camping

In addition to a suitable tent, sleeping pads or air mattresses and sleeping bags are required. It is worth investing a little more money for the sleeping bags, because nothing is more uncomfortable than freezing in a tent at night. Tip: better buy a warmer sleeping bag. If it is too warm at night, the zipper can be opened and the sleeping bag used as a blanket. Experienced campers still pack long underwear or a jogging suit and a thin hat in their travel bag even in summer. Especially if you camp near the water, it can sometimes get quite cool at night and an additional layer of clothing is then perceived as pleasant.

The catering

In the fresh air, the appetite is often particularly large. Sure – even when camping, everyone wants to be properly fed. A small gas cooker is therefore an essential part of the basic equipment of every camper. It is easy to use and can be stored to save space when not in use. Add two pots, cutlery and crockery (preferably made of plastic) and the household is complete. Camping chairs and a folding table are practical companions when camping – but in an emergency you can also do without and the family simply eats their meals on a blanket on the ground.

Camping with children – an adventure for the whole family

Most children like to go camping. Sleeping in nature is an experience and on a campsite you will always find other kids to play with. This also makes it easier for the parents: whining children are really the exception when camping. Experience has shown that the little ones are constantly “on tour” at the site and only come to the tent at home for meals. But even with a baby, a camping holiday is easily possible. Many campsites now have modern sanitary facilities, so that for hygienic reasons there is nothing wrong with camping with very small children. Of course, the environment is strange – but the parents as the main caregivers are there and with their favorite cuddly toy in their luggage, another piece of security is conveyed.

Adventure camping – if you get involved with it, you will usually enjoy it. It doesn’t have to be the annual vacation that you spend in such an unconventional way. A long weekend is enough to get a taste of camping. And as far as equipment is concerned: no one has everything with them on their first camping holiday. Only gradually does it become clear what the family really needs and which extras are simply pleasant. Talking to other campers also helps here. It is very easy to make contacts at a campsite – another positive side effect of this type of holiday.


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