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sledges for children

sledges for children

Down the mountain with momentum – children’s sledges are a winter hit!

What child doesn’t like to play in the snow? As soon as the white splendor covers the meadows and forests, it’s time to head out into winter fun. In addition to hearty snowball fights and rapid descents on skis, tobogganing is one of the most popular leisure activities in the cold season.

Which sled should it be?

A sledge belongs in every household with children. But which one is the right one? If you see the large selection in various sports shops or hardware stores, even experienced parents will start pondering which model to buy. In principle, you should first find out what the sled is intended for and how old the child is who is using it. Please note: not only the kids like tobogganing – some mums and dads become children again when they go down the mountain with cheering and hooting! If parents would like to have fun in the snow with their children, it is advisable to buy a larger toboggan right away. The disadvantage of a large sled, however, is that that small children find it difficult to pull it back up the mountain alone. It can therefore be advantageous to also purchase a small sled for one person. It’s just handier and easier to pull.
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What should you watch out for with wooden sledges and the like?

A classic among the sledges, which has not lost any of its popularity to this day, is the good old wooden horn sledge. Even small children can hold on to the twisted horns, which gives them a sense of security on rapid descents. The horn sled is now also available as a foldable version.
Also very popular: the flat wooden sled without horns. Just like the horn sled, it is available in different sizes and also as a space-saving foldable version. It is also available in plastic.

The butt slide – also known as the snow glider – is ideal for use in kindergarten. This little slide is easy to take along and, thanks to its integrated handle, can also be carried by little toboggan fans without any problems. It is particularly suitable for slippery slides. The slightly larger disc slides are equipped with brake handles on the side. In addition to regulating the speed, the kids can also steer the slide a bit.

If you like it sportier, you can use a bobsleigh or a steering toboggan. These specimens are equipped with a steering device. A stable skid design ensures safe descents. The mostly elevated seating position offers a little more comfort than with conventional sleds. The often futuristic appearance of these snow racers is particularly popular with boys of all ages.

In addition to these basic types, there are also many mixed forms on the market. Some are recommended, while others don’t really pass the test in practice. It has proven to be better to spend a little more money for a good toboggan. Especially some steering slides in the low price range are made of inferior plastic. If the temperature is below zero, the sled can quickly break. If you want to buy a steering sled, you should avoid plastic brakes, because these can easily break if you don’t handle the sled very carefully. This is how you and your children get through the winter healthy!


Popular types of sleds are:

  • Inflatable Sleds
  • wooden sledge
  • Davos sleigh
  • horn toboggan
  • luge
  • slide plate

Very small toboggan fans get their money’s worth with an attachable sled backrest. This is attached to a classic sled in just a few simple steps and can be removed just as easily when not in use. Families from areas with a lot of snow are familiar with the problem that when there is a certain amount of snow, they can no longer get through the streets with a pram. In addition to the sled rest, a wooden pusher can also be attached to the sled. Equipped like this, winter can come!
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