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Sexual abuse by confidants

Sexual abuse by confidants

When children are abused by people they trust

All responsible parents warn their children about the “bad, strange man”. But according to statistics, sexual abuse of children by strangers is comparatively rare. Assaults occur much more frequently in the immediate vicinity, in the family, at school or in a sports club. Unfortunately, there is no absolute protection against such situations. However, parents should be careful to educate their children to be open-minded. Not shy and frightened children, but self-confident and open children are best protected from sexual abuse. A clear “No, I don’t want that!” can often be an effective defense in this regard. If a child has been raised to be honest and open from the start, they will also be less intimidated by threats and will be more likely to tell their parents


Teacher Abuse – How do I know if my child has been abused?

Many victims of sexual abuse remain silent out of fear or shame. This behavior is particularly typical in cases where the perpetrator comes from the victim’s immediate environment. But even in these situations there are signs that something is wrong, something is wrong, signs that can point to sexual abuse. If a child shows sudden changes in behavior, for example suddenly not wanting to go to music lessons or tennis practice, these can be signs. But if your child suddenly suffers from crying fits, can no longer fall asleep, has severe mood swings or flinches when touched lightly, this can be an indication of sexual abuse. Also the complete retreat into oneself, the lack of interest in activities,Eating disorders in children can be a red flag, as can children’s use of alcohol and when children use drugs to take. All of these behaviors can be an indication of sexual harassment, but they can also express other problems. There is cause for concern, especially when several of these behaviors occur suddenly and together. Very sure signs of sexual abuse are physical. If your child has physical injuries such as bruises or bites, if they suffer from vaginal discharge or chronic cystitis, if they have any injuries or inflammation in the vagina, anal or oral organs or if they suffer from an infectious sexually transmitted disease, you should definitely consult a doctor and tell them your express suspicion. The doctor can then take your concerns into account during the examination and, if necessary, confirm or refute your suspicions.

Instructor Abuse – What can I do?

If you, as a parent, suspect that your child has been sexually abused, you should react calmly and prudently. Storming furiously to the next soccer training session or to the guitar teacher’s apartment and heaping accusations on the alleged perpetrator usually does no good. Few perpetrators will allow themselves to be persuaded to admit guilt in this way. Such an appearance often only makes things worse for your child. And if the suspicion turns out to be unfounded, you have made a fool of yourself and put the alleged perpetrator in an extremely precarious situation. If you have a reasonable suspicion, you should contact a counseling center nearby or go to the police. Since the police are obliged to process every report, she will definitely take action, so it may be advisable, as long as there is only a suspicion, to first seek the help of a counseling center and only later to go to the police. That too Youth Welfare Office can offer assistance. Above all, it is important that you signal to your child that you believe him and want to help him. Show that you are always available and show understanding for the difficult situation. It is also very important that you stand by your child when dealing with the authorities. If statements to the police or the youth welfare office become necessary or a court hearing is pending, support your child and assure him that you believe him and have no doubts about him.


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