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Sexy school clothes

Sexy school clothes

Does my daughter wear clothes that are too sexy for school?

Looking into their children’s classrooms, parents are increasingly asking themselves the question: are the girls dressed too sexy, or am I too prudish? Deep necklines, a lot of skin and pants that must have been economized on the fabric characterize the fashion of teenage girls today. It is not without reason that the question arises: How sexy can my daughter go to school? Where are the limits?

A snapshot in front of a school during the break allows a deep look, and not only into the excerpts of the young girls. Today’s girls are provocative and provocative. It happens that a fifth grader’s hot pants with lace trimmings can be seen and her friend in a mini skirt allows more insight when she bends down than would certainly be appropriate. The fashion industry and all media dictate it. Teenage girl fashion is slinky, form-fitting and edgy. The clothes hang in the shops like that, so they buy them. Also a controversial topic: When should girls be allowed to put on make-up?

Is school uniform better?

Educators view the development of fashion and its consequences for the students in the classroom with concern. Is it still possible for teachers and students to have a focused lesson when half-bared bums and tight, low-cut shirts distract pubescent teenagers from the topic? The teachers are rather skeptical about this and answer the question more and more specifically with one: No, not anymore! The limits of good taste are being exceeded more and more often. The call for uniform school uniforms is getting louder. What to do when children don’t follow the rules?

Scandalous fashion in the past decades

Every decade had its fashion revolution. Teachers cried out bitterly when the scandalous miniskirt was introduced in the 1960s. In the 70s it became more and more individual, flared pants were considered inappropriate and the ripped jeans of the 80s drove a lot of parents to despair – not to mention the fashion sins of the 90s. Young pupils have always used school not only as a place to learn, but also to present themselves and test their limits, as well as to provoke and distance themselves from their parents. Nice and good. Look older at any cost? Is it necessary for an eleven year old to look like she’s sixteen? Does a girl really have to dress like she’s going out with her friends on the weekends even though she only goes to school?

Popular clothing items for teenage girls:

  • Tight jeans
  • hot pants
  • miniskirt
  • Sheer blouses
  • mini dress
  • tops
  • V-neck sweater
  • tight shirts

Sexy school clothes – when are they too sexy?

Most parents have decided not to be the spoilsports entirely. They reminisce about their own teenage years and their parents’ reactions to the fashion fads of their youth. Your daughters will find a way to dress more provocatively than is allowed outside of the watchful eye of their parents. But some principles remain relevant to teenage girls. It must not look too provocative and cheap. A little bare midriff yes, too much skin no. Hipsters are fine, but high heels are not.
Of course, a top with spaghetti straps is ok, but it shouldn’t be semi-transparent. Whatever rules are found within the family: work them out together with your daughter. Don’t make her a gray mouse, but show willingness to compromise. This is the only way you will get through to her. Set goals that your daughter can work towards, such as not having makeup until she is 14. Explain why you are making that decision, rather than simply stating a fact. Your daughter also needs to see why there are such limits. This is the only way she will find a healthy attitude towards herself and her body. And even if you, as parents, have the feeling that you would like to dress your daughter in a nun’s habit, sooner or later she will find her own style, which they might like even less. So you better start with the balancing act of being willing to compromise and still setting limits right from the start.

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