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Overwhelmed as a single parent

Overwhelmed as a single parent

I’m a single parent and I can’t take it anymore! – Accept help as a single parent

The exciting baby years with far too little sleep, the nerve-wracking defiant phase, starting primary school and finally the art of accompanying your child through puberty – parents have to do a lot until their offspring is “out of the woods”. Single parents have it twice as difficult because they lack a partner on whose shoulders small and large everyday worries can be shared. Feelings of being overwhelmed, despair and fear of the future are not uncommon.
Many know the feeling: “Help! I’m a single parent and can’t do it anymore! – But fortunately there is help to support and relieve single parents.

problems of single parents

About every 5th child lives with only one parent. These families not only lack a partner, but also a second income. The affected mothers or fathers are usually employed and yet the wage or salary, especially for women, is often not enough to make ends meet for the family. ( When the money is gone at the end of the month )

Closely related to finances is the fact that in many cities it is very difficult to find suitable childcare options. ( Information about childcare) If the grandparents do not live nearby, it is not easy to find a job and at the same time know that the child is being cared for. In addition to all these practical problems, single parents often have a great fear of not doing their child justice and simply not being able to raise it alone.


Financial aid – What can I apply for as a single parent?

Parental allowance , alimony, child allowance… many single-parent families are confronted with a jungle of different application forms when it comes to applying for financial benefits. But don’t panic! The youth welfare office as well as the advice centers of charitable institutions are available to single parents, among other things, for all questions regarding the application for financial aid. In addition to child support, the person concerned may receive separation support or divorce support. The child supplement is a social benefit to which single parents are entitled if they only have a low income. In this way, it may be possible to avoid applying for ALG II. Parents who bring up their child alone have the same entitlement to parental allowance as all other families if they meet the requirements.
Also read our information on child support .

Help with education and excessive demands in everyday life

Single parents depend on the support of family and friends. Many single-parent families have also built up a private network over time and are offered support in all possible situations. This should also be accepted, especially in times of being overwhelmed. Likewise, it is absolutely not a sign of inability to contact an educational counseling center to turn to when the problems with the offspring get too much for you. On the contrary. Professional consultants look at the respective situation from a different perspective and often even small changes help to regain control of the situation. Under certain circumstances, it can also make sense to take advantage of a socio-pedagogical family support service. This support must be applied for at the youth welfare office and represents practical help in everyday life. Single parents do not incur any costs as a result. And another tip: in phases when you are overwhelmed and think “I can’t do it anymore!” it can just do you good to grab the phone and pour your heart out to a neutral person

Tired, nervous at the end? – A mother/father-child cure might help

Single parents in particular often find themselves in a balancing act between gainful employment, raising children and their own needs. Single parents are often at the end of their tether. In addition to the small breaks, which are difficult to organize but still important, a mother/father-child cure can be an opportunity to recharge your batteries. The focus cures for single parents represent a special variant. The distance from everyday life gives the mothers and fathers peace, they are instructed in various relaxation methods and learn to pay more attention to themselves again and not to constantly overwhelm themselves with excessive demands. Single parents can get help with applying for a spa measure from the spa advice centers of charitable institutions and also from their health insurance company.

Single parents face a major challenge every day. Nevertheless, with help and support, it is possible to mobilize your own reserves of strength and cope with everyday life. Regular times when their own needs can be met will help them in this.


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