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Holidays for single parents

Holidays for single parents

What to consider when traveling alone with a child?

Of course, just like everyone else, mothers or fathers who raise their children alone deserve their vacation. Especially when you are solely responsible for raising a child, everyday life is often a balancing act between work and family, with the latter usually being neglected. A holiday together with the child can then ensure that the batteries are recharged and that you regain your strength.

Statistically, every seventh child now lives with only one parent. When it comes to holidays, the needs of these so-called single-parent families differ from those of other families. For example, they attach more importance to professional childcare and suitable playmates for their offspring.

Singles with children also want more contact with other mothers and fathers in order to exchange information and, ideally, to make new friends. All of this should be considered when choosing a holiday home. When booking, also think about travel cancellation insurance !


The choice of holiday destination depends not only on personal preferences, but also largely on the respective financial situation. Whether Caribbean or Harz, whether all-inclusive hotel or holiday apartment – that is often decided by the wallet. If a family with two parents books a trip, they often enjoy child discounts. Unfortunately, with many tour operators, single parents get nothing in this regard.

It’s a pity – because single-parent families usually have to tighten their belts financially, not only in everyday life, but also when on vacation. One way to find relief here is to offer grants for single travelers, which some federal states, municipalities or church institutions grant for vacations. And last but not least, single parents can save a lot with early bird discounts.


Travel for single parents

Although they are still a rarity, they do exist: trips for single parents. This holiday variant is particularly suitable for mothers or fathers with children who do not find friends so quickly. With a similar family constellation as a basis, that can change quickly. You get to talk to each other and don’t feel alone and lonely between other “whole” families, as you often do. The kids also make friends quickly, so that the single parent has a little free time to do something alone or to read a book in peace.

Camping holiday, club holiday or time out in a small village?

The more informal the holiday home, the easier it is for single parents to connect with their child. Campers are generally sociable and very open to their neighbors. (Tips for camping with children ) In the holiday village not only single people romp about, but the relaxed atmosphere offers enough opportunity to get in contact with each other, especially through the children. Fun, action and always something going on? For those who value it, a club holiday is ideal . Due to the wide range of offers, the word “boredom” can be deleted for the holidays. Children’s animations for all ages entertain the offspring and ensure that the kids are guaranteed to enjoy their holiday destination.

All-inclusive or self-made holidays?

In everyday life, one appointment often rushes the other. Single parents usually have more to deal with than families with two parents. It’s understandable that many singles with children just want to relax on holiday. Sit down at the laid table and don’t have to go shopping and cook yourself – wonderful! Other single parents prefer to be in a holiday home by themselves. It doesn’t bother anyone here if the child whines and cries, you can casually walk around in a slouchy look and sometimes just let it go.

If the holiday location and accommodation match the needs and wishes of single-parent families, then it will definitely be a great holiday!


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