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obesity in children

obesity in children

Are our children too fat?

Computer games, lack of exercise or too little attention on the part of working parents are just a few of the possible reasons why every fifth child in the US  is classified as overweight. How can we get a better grip on the problem of obesity in children and young people?

Apple instead of apple turnover

While experts would like to see legally required labels on fast food products or convenience foods, they warn against seeing this as the only solution to the problem. Rather, the amount of consumed fast food is decisive. An average burger has up to 500 calories – some even add over 800 calories to our weight and, unfortunately, to our health. Anyone who treats themselves to fries with mayonnaise and a cola as part of a fast-food menu has almost covered their daily calorie requirement, depending on their physical activity. But banning fast food or sweets altogether would only make them more interesting.

Dieticians therefore recommend parents to make compromises: reduce visits to a fast food chain to once or twice a month and at the same time explain to the children why more often would not be healthy for them. Another important step is to eat fruit and vegetables. According to studies, our children no longer taste “the diversity of nature”. However, if from an early age they know nothing other than vegetables with meat or an apple with their snack, it will be much easier for them later on to eat a diet rich in vitamins and minerals.


What to do about obesity in children?

Politicians are slowly but surely realizing how important prevention and positive persuasion work are in this sector. With numerous projects, attempts are made to draw attention to the problem and to declare war on calories. One of them aims z. B. on canteen kitchens, whose operators will be advised by experts on how to get healthier food on the table if they are interested. Others start as early as primary school to educate the little ones about the importance of exercise and a healthy snack. Fitness and health facilities are also increasingly playing an important role today, as physical education classes in schools are often cut back. This not only wins new customers, but also convinces young people how much fun moderate training can be. But what to do if the child does not want to play sports?

“Super Size Me” – Are our children too fat?

In his multiple award-winning film “Super Size Me”, the New York filmmaker Morgan Spurlock tried to show what happens if you only eat fast food: In a self-experiment he ate all meals at a fast food chain for 30 days to himself and had the experiment accompanied by doctors. After the month, Spurlock weighed around 25 pounds more and had demonstrably worse blood counts.

You can easily tell whether your child is underweight, normal weight or overweight using the BMI. You can find out how to calculate the BMI for children on the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. 

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