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My child is afraid of snow

My child is afraid of snow

How can parents take away their child’s fear of snow?

When the snowflakes fall from the sky outside and cover towns and villages in a white dress, most children are over the moon. They grab the sled and you hardly have guessed that they have conquered the next toboggan hill for themselves. They organize fun snowball fights, build snowmen and igloos or go skiing with their parents. Unfortunately, not all kids are enthusiastic about the hustle and bustle of winter. Some of them get scared just by seeing the snowflakes dancing through the window pane. They steadfastly refuse to set foot outside the door, and if they can’t avoid it, they only step outside to yells of protest or sobs of fear. As a parent, you can honestly despair. My child is afraid of snow! This fear is called Chionophobia. What can I do?

The fear of snow usually occurs between the ages of 1.5 and 3 years. Just like the fear of the notorious monster under the bed, it is one of the very specific childhood fears that parents should definitely take seriously. Even if we adults find it difficult to understand: for the dear little ones, the fear of the white splendor is so real that they really suffer from it.

Some children just don’t dare to walk on the snow. They find the cracking noise unpleasant and cannot classify it. Others may dare to go outside but definitely don’t want to feel the snow on their skin. No matter what fear the child has, only patience and understanding will help. Perhaps one or the other tip can be of use to you in the endeavor to make the snow a little tastier for your offspring.


Bring the snow into your home

Children who are afraid of snow are not automatically afraid of water. Just take a bowl or a bucket full of snow into the apartment and look at it from a safe distance. Your child will see that in the end snow is nothing but water and may lose his or her fear of it. If the offspring is afraid of walking on the snow, you can also make this step easier for them with some snow in the apartment. If there is enough white splendor outside, fill the bottom of the bathtub with it. Perhaps it will be easier for him to take his first steps on the “weird white stuff”. After all, not everything in the apartment is full of snow, but only a manageable, small area.

Examine snowflakes in detail

Snowflakes are really particularly beautiful structures! Viewed in detail, they are filigree, artistic specimens that always look different. Individual snowflakes can be observed very well when the first snow falls on the window sill. You can then paint them yourself with your child or make them out of white paper. A beautiful winter picture with soft snowballs made of cotton can also make you want to see the white splendor.

Fun in the snow – mum and dad show how it’s done

Many anxious children find it difficult to believe that winter can be fun. Show your offspring again and again how fun it can be in the snow. While the child is either sitting behind the window pane or watching from a safe, snow-free place (carport, porch), you and your husband romp in the snow. Lay down in the middle and conjure up a beautiful snow angel. Build a big snowman with a funny face and an old pot for a hat. Scuffle in a hearty snowball fight. And don’t forget: laugh! So your child realizes that snow is not a bad thing, but that it can bring fun and joy. Also Read: Playing in the Snow with Kids

The fear of snow can keep the whole family busy, but fortunately it is often gone by the following winter. If the child is a bit older, curiosity usually wins.

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