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leave children alone at home

leave children alone at home

How do you prepare children to be left alone?

At some point all parents find themselves in this situation: there is still a short way to go and time is of the essence. However, the child does not see why it should interrupt its game and squeeze itself into a jacket and shoes for what it considers an unnecessary excursion. The temptation is great to leave the child alone for a certain amount of time. How do I prepare my child for such situations?

At what age can you leave children alone?

There is a wide range of opinions about the age at which a child can be left at home alone. At the earliest, however, the first attempts should be made from school age. Before that, the children are not able to really cope with this situation. Before the child is left in the home unsupervised, it is absolutely necessary to discuss the rules with the child and explain them clearly.

Although parents wonder what could happen if their offspring is alone for a short time, the children can think of more. They are hungry and turn on the stove, look for matches to light a cozy candlelight in their cave or get the idea of ​​going outside with their scooter. So precautions are essential. Also read:How do I prepare my child for school?

Leaving the child alone – These precautions are important:

  • Bring matches, lighters and candles to unreachable heights.
  • Seal chemicals.
  • Turn off all household appliances.
  • Before leaving, lock the windows, if possible even with a lock for window handles.
  • Leave the apartment door open but not locked. In an emergency, your child must be able to leave the apartment or rescue workers must be able to enter.
  • First of all, inform nice neighbors that you will be away for a short time, they can be a contact person for the child in an emergency.
  • Always carry your cell phone with you when you leave the house.
  • Put your cell phone number on a speed dial button on your landline phone so your child can call you in an emergency.
  • Tell your child a time when you will be back. This can be a time if your child has already mastered the clock. Otherwise, information such as the end of a video or a radio play CD are good alternatives.


What rules do I explain to my child before they are alone for the first time?

  • Never open the front door to anyone.
  • Don’t let anyone in the house.
  • Receiving friends while no adult is at home is taboo.
  • Don’t answer the phone, but let the answering machine (if available) take the call. If the child can read, they can only pick up the phone if, for example, mum, dad or grandparents call.
  • Fire and knives are strictly forbidden.
  • Homework or other delegated tasks must be completed. The check will take place later, or any problems that may have arisen will be discussed with mum or dad afterwards.
  • In an emergency you go to the neighbors!
  • You don’t leave the house without my permission.
  • If you have any questions, you call my cell phone, the speed dial number is stored on the “1” key.

Train with your child. Start with very short periods of time and gradually increase the amount of time your child is alone in the home. Don’t be afraid to test your child. Call with a suppressed number or ring the doorbell. Ask a friend or acquaintance to persuade their child to open the door. The child can only learn and you will see to what extent your child can be left unattended for a longer period of time. For a whole night alone, it’s gonna take quite a while. A babysitter is still necessary for these situations.

If at some point you are sure that your sweetheart isn’t doing any nonsense at home, you can go about your business in peace and quiet without having a stomachache. Hours of relaxation await you.

But what to do if the child is afraid of being alone ?
Staying at home alone should be practiced in good time so that the children can stay at home if school is canceled and the parents do not have to stress about organizing childcare quickly.