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Inline skating for children

Inline skating for children

Skate like the grown-ups

Inline skates originally come from the USA. Although the number of skaters has decreased, the “rolling” type of locomotion is very popular with children in particular. In the following article we report on the advantages of inline skating for children. We also give helpful tips on what you as parents can look out for when inline skating. What to do if the child does not want to play sports?

The advantages for children when inline skating

Maybe you know the feeling: the first time on inline skates. The legs are shaky. The sense of balance is put to the test. The first movements on the skates are also a real challenge for children. However, this comes with a valuable advantage. The child’s sense of balance is trained intensively when inline skating and the coordination skills improve. What initially looks a bit bumpy quickly develops into a smooth movement in children.

A large part of the body’s muscles are used for this purpose. When skating, the legs are the “drive motor” and the upper body balances the movement. The muscles can develop more evenly when inline skating, which promotes good posture in the long term.

Exercise in the fresh air is also more than good for children. The brain is supplied with fresh oxygen, which has a direct positive effect on the children’s well-being. Contact with other children is also good for development. The social component of inline skating, so to speak. Making the street unsafe together, playing inline hockey and daring the first jumps – that’s exactly what children really enjoy. It doesn’t matter if you bring one or two scratches home with you.


The right equipment for inline skating for children

Inline skating is like learning to walk – you have to fall down a few times before you learn how to do it properly. Parents can provide support here. This starts with the right equipment. When buying, please note that it is absolutely TÜV-tested. You can get the best quality advice from a specialist sports shop. For protection we recommend knee, elbow and wrist protectors. The wrist protection is particularly important, because the first falls on the “bottom of the pants” are often tried to be intercepted with the hands. This painful experience can be prevented with a suitable protector. To avoid head injuries, we always recommend wearing a helmet when inline skating.

Manufacturer of inline skates for children

  • uniform
  • K2
  • roller blade
  • Hudora
  • Nijdam

With the right equipment you can start. For the first time we recommend a large, traffic-calmed area (e.g. parking lot) or a special skating hall. So the kids don’t have to pay attention to cars or other road users. Ideally, you strap on your inline skates yourself and ride with your child. Even without skates, you can also provide support and motivate after a fall or two.


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