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How to inspire children to learn?

How to inspire children to learn?

This is how children enjoy learning

Enjoying learning is one of the most important prerequisites for being successful. This finding is not new, but has been known for many years. Good teachers and educators implement this knowledge in their lessons and try to get the students enthusiastic about the subject matter and learning. Of course, this cannot always work out, after all the interests of the individual children are too different. While one student can be enthusiastic about scientific phenomena, another enjoys sports or is very fond of reading. Teachers and parents would do well to recognize these personal preferences and keep them alive. At the same time, the goal must be to transfer this enthusiasm to other areas of learning. How to prepare your child for school

How is learning fun?

Children are naturally curious and inquisitive, so Principle always inspires them to learn. The only problem is that every child has a different approach to learning material and this cannot always be taken into account in school lessons. If the fun of learning is lost, this does not necessarily mean that a child does not have the necessary intelligence or has a learning disability , but that it may simply not find the right approach to the material. In this case, an alternative school form can offer a solution. Montessori schools and Waldorf schools approach subjects in a completely different way than “normal” schools. Having fun while learning is closely linked to positive experiences, opportunities to take the initiative, and experiencing things with all your senses. Learning is closely linked to emotions. Positive feelings encourage children to engage, focus, and mobilize energy. Good grades, praise from parents, teachers and classmates, solving tasks independently, etc. can trigger such positive feelings. This results in motivation, which in turn influences the learning success – a positive cycle is set in motion. In turn, negative feelings such as stress or fear lead to learning blockades. The fun of learning is lost, there is no success, negative feelings increase – a vicious circle develops. It is important to break through this as quickly as possible.


How can parents inspire children to learn?

Above all, parents whose children do not enjoy learning something at school often find themselves in a hopeless situation. But this does not have to be the case. The first thing to do is to find out why the child does not enjoy learning. One of the most important points that should be clarified first is whether the child does not find access to a certain topic or is generally reluctant to learn or even reluctant to go to school. If the former is the case, the problem is negligible, as soon as a new topic is discussed, it will solve itself. However, if the problem is different, further investigation is required:

Is your child bored in class, so is he underchallenged? Or is it overwhelmed? Both variants can lead to a disinterest in the lesson. Or are there problems at school – with classmates or a teacher? These factors can also lead to a child temporarily or permanently losing interest in learning. If the problem is recognized and corrected at an early stage, the child usually enjoys learning and teaching in general again.

If you, as a parent, do not see a solution, you can contact the class teacher or a school psychologist. If there is a learning disorder and your child has therefore lost the fun of learning, a doctor, psychologist or therapist should be consulted. Many learning disabilities are easily treatable and do not have to be a permanent handicap.
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