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Holiday with the grandparents

Holiday with the grandparents

Holidays with grandma and grandpa

Not only adults need a change of scenery from time to time to be fresh and motivated to cope with their everyday work. It can be a very interesting experience for children to spend some time on vacation with their grandparents. Be it just because of the nice hours together, or born out of necessity. At the moment when both parents are working and there is not exactly a full-time day care or kindergarten place available during the holidays, they quickly run into childcare bottlenecks in order to bridge the sometimes week-long holidays.

All the more often grandma and grandpa step in to spend a few days or weeks together with their grandchildren. After all, this time of year is something very special. Being able to stay up late, eating grandma’s fragrant apple pie and rummaging through the big old chests in the grandparents’ attic, all these things make you want to spend time with grandma and grandpa.

Children know very well that these days are different than at home. And that’s a good thing, because it gives young people a whole new perspective on things. To ensure that the grandchildren’s holiday doesn’t go too far, there are a few important basic rules to be observed, both for parents, grandparents and the children.

vacation from parents

All parties involved should initially agree that the alternative holiday solution is an option. And as is so often the case in life, the holidays with grandma and grandpa are not without rules.

It is good for parents and grandparents to clarify these rules with the children before their stay, if necessary by telephone. Ultimately, the responsibility for bringing up children remains with the parents. So the grandparents also have to incorporate the parents’ wishes into their everyday life with the children, for example when it comes to TV times or games consoles.

On the other hand, it is advisable for the parents not to keep the rules for the holiday season quite so strict. Perhaps the children are allowed to stay up later or nibble one more candy from grandma than at home. Even small children must be made to understand by adults that grandma and grandpa also have their own house rules. Sometimes there is a midday rest, or you are not allowed to shoot the ball at the roses in the garden. This, too, is part of the experience that children need to have. Prepare your child for the Visit the grandparents beforehand.

Spending time with the grandchildren does require some preparation. What do we do with the children, after all they want to be busy? Such a day can be long, but also exciting. Children explore the house, find old memorabilia and learn secrets about their parents that they wanted to keep to themselves. Insights into the daily routine of the grandparents are sometimes more interesting than you think.

It doesn’t always have to be a trip. Repairing the lawn mower with grandpa or harvesting fruit and vegetables in the garden with grandma gives the children more insights than they might learn at home. It is important to explore the playgrounds in the area and possibly to make new friends with the neighbors of the grandparents. Holidays with grandma and grandpa also means learning to be considerate of the elderly.


Slowly get the kids used to it

So that the separation from the parents is not too difficult, it is always better to slowly introduce the children to the time together. If the grandparents don’t live too far away, a weekend now and then is good preparation. It also helps the children to take familiar things like their favorite cuddly toy, toy or pillow to grandma and grandpa on vacation. Photos of mom and dad also help ease the grief.

If homesickness is too bad, there are still telephones. The familiar voices of mum and dad are immensely comforting. Maybe everyone introduces a ritual of calling the parents in the evening and telling them about the many experiences of the day. The children are reassured and the parents may be too. Being available by phone isn’t just an advantage when you’re in trouble. Likewise, if the child falls ill during the holidays, the grandparents naturally want to let you know and are happy to accept the parents’ advice. Because it’s been a few years since you had to take care of sick little children. Medication and the chip card should always be in the children’s luggage for such cases. In an emergency, parents must of course pick up their children. Otherwise it means for everyone involved: take a deep breath and the adventure.


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