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Farm holidays with children

Farm holidays with children

Farm holidays – children and parents have a lot of fun!

How can you spend a good educational holiday with your children? An opportunity would be on a farm! The farmers, who have created a second mainstay in tourism in addition to their conventional economy, are welcoming you and your offspring. Children in particular are welcome guests on farms. And the boom in spending holidays on the farm is correspondingly unchecked. Incidentally, relaxing days on a farm can not only be booked in Europe, for example Germany or in South Tyrol, in the middle of the Netherlands but also on a horse ranch in Montana in the USA: Families feel at home on farms.

The phrase “holidays on the farm with children” isn’t exactly apt, because wineries, riding stables, livestock farms, vegetable farmers or fruit-growing companies now also offer relaxing holidays in the country. They all have one thing in common: varied days in the middle of nature. Particularly active families appreciate the variety of employment and excursion opportunities. For children, a farm means experiencing a new adventure every day. Some adults find it surprising how huge a cow is. To see early on how the milk is milked for breakfast is something special. And maybe trying it yourself is even better. A small detour past the chicken coop and took a few eggs with you, so the food tastes twice as good. Maybe there is freshly baked bread, nothing from the baker around the corner. Because that is probably only 10 km away. How often can a city child experience this?

Farm holidays with children are educational and relaxing

Farm holidays mean seeing how our food is made. Where do they come from, how are they obtained? Children learn that there is hard work behind all this. After a farm holiday, children no longer take many things for granted. They have learned that it takes a great deal of time and effort to make a stick of butter from milk. Children see how the food obtained is processed. What happens to the grain after harvest? What is a silo? They learn responsibility, because if you want, the children can also be entrusted with certain tasks and help on the farm. For example watering the horses in the evening or fetching them from the paddock. Feeding the chickens and collecting eggs every morning. The rabbits also want to be fed. And if it has to be just muck out the barn. Because that is also part of it.


Farm holiday with children

The children love being involved in everyday life on the farm. Anyone who has ever witnessed a hay harvest knows what we are talking about. Wouldn’t it be nice to ride a tractor or maybe sleep in the hay for a night? Experiencing all these things “live” is great fun for the children. They move, are in the great outdoors and feel good. And as everyone knows: if the children are content and happy, the parents are too. Spending time with the kids is one of the main reasons families choose to take a farm holiday with kids.

The tourism industry has now internalized this and is increasingly offering offers for it. Because the farmers do not operate tourism entirely unselfishly. In times of falling food prices, many farms are dependent on building up a second source of income. There are many farms that offer a room, so you can spend your deserved holidays there – and the trend is rising! In addition to the classic farm holiday, farms have also specialized in recent years. There are some wellness offers, neighboring golf courses, Kneipp treatments, herbal baths or aroma steam baths.

However, most farms offer holiday apartments with or without breakfast. But if you bring your caravan or tent with you, you won’t be turned away either. The farmers are flexible and give everyone a warm welcome. All Seasons. Because not only on beautiful summer days, the farm invites you to interesting experiences. In winter the next toboggan run is around the corner. In the spring, the most beautiful floral splendor is offered to the vacationer and the autumn with its variety of colors is invitation enough. Especially in autumn, when the harvest is brought in, there is a lot to see. How is the harvest processed and stored, what is preserved for the winter and how?

With a lot of luck, very special moments can also be experienced on the farm. Maybe the chicks will hatch, or you might be lucky enough to witness the birth of a foal or calf. A farm has a lot to offer: but above all, adventure for the children and well-being for the adults. A farm holiday doesn’t just make children’s hearts beat faster! Falling contentedly into bed in the evening to wait for the next day’s adventure: that’s farm holidays. Arrive and be satisfied.
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