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Family sports

Family sports

Families are exposed to a variety of pressures these days. If both parents work, there is often little time left together. You often rush through life stressed out and feel more like a robot than a human being. It is true that one knows that one should actually move more in order to create a balance to the often sedentary activities, but there is often a lack of time and opportunities. Many know this problem. But why not just get active in the family for once? Combine the good with the useful, so to speak, and rediscover the sense of togetherness?

But which sports are generally suitable for families?

However, finding the right sport that makes all family members feel comfortable is not that easy and depends, among other things, on the age of the children. The best thing to do is to approach the matter in a very relaxed manner and try it out here and there. You don’t need any great equipment for this – you can rent a lot from sports shops or borrow it from friends. Once you’ve found a sport you like, you can always get the equipment you need.

Well, first and foremost is cycling. No, it’s not about winning the yellow jersey, but about the experience of movement in the middle of nature. Cycling has experienced a real boom in recent years. Everywhere you can see families cycling on the weekends and even the little ones are on tour. Well secured in the bike trailer or in the child seat, the minis are perfectly integrated into the excursion. Provided, of course, that there are enough breaks. And always remember: Put on your bike helmet! The grown-ups should set a good example here and never let the kids ride without head protection. More tips for cycling with children


Sports for the winter

You can cycle almost all year round. But first there is a white blanket of snow over the forest and fields, then the bike has a break. Winter fun is the order of the day and what could be more obvious than skiing with the whole family? Whether fast down the slope or more leisurely on a beautiful cross-country tour – every family has to decide for themselves. And those who are not at all enthusiastic about the “boards” can always start a hearty toboggan ride . Incidentally, there are trained ski instructors in all larger ski regions who can turn even absolute beginners into passable ski bunnies. And the children are also professionally taught the right technique in the ski school, so that soon all family members can jet down the mountain together.

sports for the summer

What skiing in winter is for some, inline skating in the warm months of the year is for others. It is usually the children who initiate this sport. They stand shakily on their 8 small wheels and want to be pushed permanently at first. At some point the parents will think: ok, I’ll try it too! And after the first hesitant attempts, not a few find fun in the matter and stick with it permanently. However, no skater should venture onto the asphalt without complete protective equipment. Also very important: practice braking in good time! Because the safer you feel on your inline skates, the faster you go and the more important it is to be able to avoid obstacles in good time and come back to a safe stop.

If the children are older, the family can of course choose from a much wider range of different sports activities. It doesn’t matter whether you ride through nature on horseback or hang securely on the climbing wall, whether you as a family go bowling or play golf together – the main thing is that the sport is fun for everyone and everyone in the family feels comfortable doing it .

Sport refusers – what to do if the child does not want to do sport?
Of course, we also introduce you to some sports for seniors . Because even in old age it is important to stay fit.


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