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drugs in school

drugs in school

What to do about drugs in school?

Many parents are convinced that their child is safe at school and cannot come into contact with drugs under any circumstances. Unfortunately, this assumption turns out to be wrong again and again. There is a drug problem in many schools in Germany. The probability that children will be confronted with drugs at school is relatively high, at least that has been shown by various studies that have been carried out at German schools in recent years. The point in time is very different, it can already be in elementary school or just before graduation. Parents should therefore closely monitor the behavior and development of their children.
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identify drug problems

How do I even notice that my child is taking drugs, many parents ask. There can be no general answer to this question, after all the effects of the various drugs are quite different and the effect can also be changed by the frequency of consumption. In general, sudden changes in behavior are always a reason to pay attention and to seek dialogue. Bad grades toocan be a sign of a drug problem. Of course, drugs do not always have to be behind these problems, there are numerous other things that can lead to behavioral changes or declining school performance. Talk to your child about it instead of closing your eyes. Does the children’s room suddenly smell of smoke or is your child constantly begging for a few extra euros, does it have red eyes all the time, or does it seem absent and listless? All of these can be warning signs of drug use. It doesn’t help much to react angry or shocked here. Ask what’s so great about smoking weed / taking ecstasy. At the same time, try to make your child aware of the dangers and offer him or her help. The prerequisite is, of course, that you have informed yourself about the topic and can have a say. If you have the impression that this is not the first cigarette or joint, but that your child has already become addicted, seek help from addiction counseling. In general, you should not only react to signs of possible drug abuse, but try to inform your child of the dangers in advance. Don’t just impose a blanket ban. This can tempt teenagers in particular to react with defiance. Remain factual and point out the consequences that drugs can have. A still popular and deterrent reading is the book “Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo” by Christiane F. Here it is shown how a teenager, after initially smoking weed, resorted to hard drugs and became dependent and finally ended up on the children’s street at the Zoo train station in Berlin. Give this book to your child to read and then give them the opportunity to talk to you about their impressions.

What can parents do if there is a drug problem at school?

First of all, a conversation with the class teacher should be sought (e.g. at the parents’ evening), or, if students from different classes or grades are affected, contact the school management. The educators should be trained so that in the near future, the topic of drug abuse will be included in the lessons. Sanctions can also be imposed on the students concerned. The possibilities of the school range from various educational measures to a reprimand. If, even a few weeks after the discussion with the school, there is no indication that the problem is being discussed in class, concerned parents should consider setting up a parents’ initiative or go to the police. There is usually an addiction officer there who takes care of such problems. Don’t put up with it if the school doesn’t talk about the problem. Of course, this is the easier way, but in the long run it only causes more problems. You need to be aware that you need to take action yourself to offer help to your child and their classmates. Do not shy away from this action, but also mobilize parents of schoolmates. In this way, you appear with much more power and emphasis in dealings with the school or the police.
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