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Development of the child

Development of the child

Important developmental steps of children

Child development is an impressive achievement. By the time they start school, they have acquired the most important foundations for their future lives. The course of a child’s development is influenced by the mutual influence of inherited physical abilities, personal experiences and age-appropriate stimuli from the child’s environment.

Developmental stages of children: Hearing and sight mature

From a purely organic point of view, newborns already have all the important prerequisites for hearing and seeing. But developing visual acuity and hearing takes time. The impressions and stimuli experienced in the environment train the brain so that visual acuity can gradually be formed and acoustic information can be processed. These processes are completed by enrollment at the latest.

Motor development in children

A child’s motor skills are truly impressive. Almost autodidactically, the little ones learn to crawl, sit, later stand up and finally walk. You will continue to improve your basic motor skills over time. They skilfully jump over puddles, climb stairs and balance. On a balance bike or a bicycle they can also keep their balance. Not only does the physical development enable dancing, etc., fine motor skills also increase noticeably. Holding cutlery or drawing with pencils and chalk is becoming increasingly easier. The time span of these important motor steps is very different for each child. For example, some children are hands-free as early as 9 months, others as late as 20 months.

Learning the language is a lengthy process

As a child grows up, it trains its language skills over time. In countless small stages, it conquers the complexity of the language. It already started in the womb, when it familiarly heard mum and dad’s voice. Important organs such as the lips, diaphragm and tongue as well as muscles for speech are present from birth. The language center in the brain is also created. It just takes a long time for a child to develop all language skills.
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Social, emotional and intellectual development of the child

How closely all areas of child development are interconnected is particularly evident in the non-physical areas. They are interwoven in many layers and build on one another. Children learn over the years how to behave in social groups. You develop a feeling for your own feelings, but also for those of other people. The little ones have to work hard to interpret facial expressions and gestures, but also sensual perception or consideration. Personal experience in these areas is essential and of particular importance. Complex thinking is also strongly dependent on the maturity of the child.
Your pediatrician will also be happy to answer any questions you may have about the child’s development!


Some important areas of child development, such as visual acuity, are complete when they start school. Other core competencies, such as emotional development, accompany a person throughout childhood. How quickly or slowly a child develops into an adult depends not least on their own personal strengths and weaknesses.
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