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Dating after separation

Dating after separation

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An emotional chaos of sadness, anger or disappointment often characterizes the first time after the separation. Many people who have been dumped by their partner tend to rush to find a partner to fill the void left. However, it is important to accept the separation, because those who have not yet finished with their ex-partner are not open to a new relationship. More about Abandoned Women and Abandoned Men

Leave the old relationship behind

How long the acceptance phase lasts varies. Among other things, it depends on who initiated the separation. Anyone who has separated from their partner has been thinking about a new beginning for some time and is probably more willing to try something new. For the abandoned partner, on the other hand, the separation comes suddenly, he is in a state of shock in the first phase and the processing of the separation is slow. When the time has come to start looking for a new partner varies from person to person. Everyone should first take the time they need to let go of their ex. Honesty with yourself is required here, because your own behavior probably also contributed to the separation. Who is aware of his mistakes, can avoid this in a new partnership. (Lovesick tips)

Go looking for a partner as relaxed and relaxed as possible

When thoughts no longer revolve around the ex-partner, the past is over and life energy returns. If you are now looking for a new partner, you should approach the whole thing as relaxed and relaxed as possible. Uncertainties are absolutely normal and so expectations of the first meeting should not be set too high. Searching for a new love doesn’t work under pressure. It is important to take your time, the future together with a new partner does not have to be planned on the first date. ( Tips for the blind date) It’s better to meet a lot of different people first. Many subconsciously look for a partner who resembles the ex. The well-known psychotherapist Dr. Doris Wolf advises making a conscious choice when choosing potential partners and also being curious about people who are very different from your ex. Excessive demands on the new partner are not very helpful, seekers should be aware that compromises are essential in a partnership. It can be useful to define realistic criteria before looking for a partner – if the spark has jumped over it’s no problem to simply throw some of the claims overboard!
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