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Children change lives

Children change lives

When couples become parents

Many couples wish to have children of their own. Once the offspring appear, it quickly becomes clear that quite a few things in life will change. Children completely turn everyday life upside down.

Children turn everyday life upside down

Bringing children into the world is completely normal and is simply part of evolution. You want children, even if you don’t immediately know what to expect. Children turn everyday life upside down as soon as they see the light of day. Things that you used to enjoy doing when you were single or a childless couple now have to be given up or drastically reduced. The sense of responsibility for one’s own life and of course for that of the children suddenly increases to the same extent. A child needs a lot of support and attention from its parents in the first few years, because it cannot get along in this world on its own. Both parents are of course challenged and have to gear their lives completely to the needs of the young people of the world.


Professional careers are also affected

At the latest after the birth, things like regular visits to the disco, parties or other pleasures are pretty much in last place. Women have to slow down here during pregnancy in order to put as little stress and strain as possible on the child. Professional career in particular plays an increasingly important role today. Although there are some reliefs from the state and the promise that despite having children, there is no need to give up a career, the offspring is a drastic change. Even if the grandparents, friends, relatives or nanny actively support the young parents, things will not be the same as they used to be.

Children cost money

Money should never play a role in having children . Usually no big words are wasted on this topic. A fact that you may well regret later. Children cost money, there is no question about that. Not only does one more person have to be fed from the parents’ salary, but when deciding to sacrifice or postpone a career for the child, one parent’s salary also falls away. The issue of money is therefore a factor that should be considered at an early stage. In any case, precaution is advisable here. Even in later years, you should keep making reserves, for example to have money for your children’s education.

Even if everything changes completely, you get used to the new conditions surprisingly quickly. From the moment the baby is born , every day brings new challenges. The first goal of the parents will be to be able to sleep through the night again. But the beautiful sides of the offspring quickly comfort all these stress factors! In addition, children have something special: they can teach us adults to see the world through children’s eyes again. At the latest then you realize how long ago your own childhood was.


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