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child or career?

child or career?

Can you have a child and a career?

Sooner or later every woman is faced with this decision. If the biological clock is already ticking very loudly, then this question keeps floating in the room. The head is struggling for a solution – there are a thousand pros and a thousand cons.

Ultimately you will have to listen to your heart to make the decision to have a child. Admittedly, there is never a right time! The more you plan a child, the longer the pregnancy is postponed. “First I want to do this and that!” And so year after year goes by, and as is well known, none of us are getting any younger.

On the one hand, there is the working woman who has her own money in the account every month, which she can freely dispose of. That also flatters the soul, because work and success are good for the ego. If you decide to have a child and that your partner should now be the “breadwinner of the family”, many women have problems with it. In most cases, it means a joint account, and thus reconciliation of expenses.

The woman is giving up her independence and financial freedom, and it certainly isn’t easy. Having children – The last adventure?


Child and career – Here’s how!

Of course, having a child means a big change in life. One assumes responsibility for the child from the day the pregnancy is determined. Once the child is born, many mothers are amazed to find that the stressful everyday working life was not that stressful after all.

Instead of a long day at work, you suddenly have a 24-hour shift every day, and you have to be there for the child around the clock. There is no salary, no praise from the boss or colleagues – but instead a heart-warming smile from the little rascal, who casually wets the diaper.

Any mother will agree that there is nothing quite like having children – even with the time and financial disadvantages. Children enrich life, give it lasting meaning, and fill women with unexpected strength and love. Normally, a mother wants to be sure that she and her children are taken care of and have time for the children. But that is not always the case.

Some mothers have no choice but to go back to work after giving birth. What you then need is a loving father or grandmother who can stay at home instead of the mother and take care of the child. The state encourages mothers to return to work, and men can also take time off to look after children. Women between family and work

Many female stars decide to have a child after their 30th birthday and quickly return to the limelight after giving birth. They describe themselves as good mothers. But it’s not that easy for ordinary people, because stars with a salary in the millions get the best nannies in the world and have the opportunity to organize their workflow largely themselves.

If you let a child out of your hands too much and for too long, the child will suffer, perhaps without any noticeable signs at first. If the child feels neglected and left alone, this can have a negative impact in adulthood. If you ask old people what they would have done differently in life, they usually answer: “I should have taken more time for my family!”

No matter how you decide: either the child or the job must suffer as a result. Everyone has to decide the question for themselves, because reconciling both requires a great deal of sensitivity and a very flexible job.


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