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Be a role model for children – this is how you can educate children

Be a role model for children - this is how you can educate children

Parents have a role model function

“Today’s children are bullies. They contradict their parents, make messy food and tease their teachers.” This saying does not come from the mouth of a contemporary of today, but supposedly from that of the Greek philosopher Socrates (470-399 BC)! Today’s parents, teachers and educators are also increasingly asking themselves why children are the way they are today. Do some of them perhaps lack a good example?

Children learn from their parents

Children learn the language from their parents. But not only pronunciation, vocabulary and the sound of words, but also the behavior is copied and imitated by the adults who surround young life in the first and most important years of life. No wonder, then, that the educators serve as role models for the child. But are we parents always a good role model?

Be a role model – read books instead of watching TV

In fact, you want the child to stick their nose in good books instead of “getting sucked” into hours of cartoons in front of the TV. The best way to teach the child this is not to preach it, but to live it. If the parents often sit in front of the television set and pick up books only occasionally or not at all, the child will not be able to access books either. A child only has access to things that their parents open up to them. Especially in the first 5 to 6 years of life, a child can be influenced absolutely without the influence of kindergarten and school. If the course is not set here, then when?! Language promotion in young children through books


Sweets & Cigarettes

It is said that too much candy causes bad teeth. However, if the generally accessible snack drawer of the parents is always full to bursting and the parents often snack on sweets and chocolate, the child will not be able to resist either. ( How much candy for children? ) And children whose parents smoke are shown how to deal with cigarettes as “normal”. The probability that it will smoke itself later in life is then quite high. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the children of non-smokers will also be non-smokers, but the odds are higher the other way around. children and smoking

More movement for the child

If the child needs to move more, it does not help at all if it sees that the parents are not doing it themselves. Driving even short distances, retiring to the apartment after work and sitting comfortably in front of the television instead of taking the child for walks in nature, does not help the adolescent to relate to more exercise and games in the building nature. What to do if the child does not want to play sports?

Courtesy and good manners

Your child does not greet, does not say thank you and behaves improperly towards the teachers? Did you set an example for him too? Have you scolded your child about your boss or does your child know that you once took a week off sick for no real reason? Then you shouldn’t be surprised if one morning your offspring more or less carelessly refuses to go to school and calls the math teacher a bad boy. He learned it from you…
teaching children how to behave

Not talking and forbidding, but setting an example shows the child the right direction. If you’re wondering why a child doesn’t (or doesn’t) do this or that, the first thing to think about is what you’re modeling for them. You certainly don’t have everything under control, but a lot!


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