music boxes for babies

music boxes for babies

Baby music boxes to fall asleep to

It’s indisputable – babies love soft melodies and are easier to soothe. As early as the sixth month, they can hear the first sounds in the womb. Therefore, many mothers buy a baby music box during pregnancy to put it on the belly in a quiet minute and accustom the child to a familiar melody. At the latest when a baby is born, the gentle, catchy songs are played to the little ones. Especially in the first six months, music boxes for babies are simply part of the inventory of new parents. How can parents play with babies?

Most babies and toddlers are very soothed by the sound of familiar melody.
Gradually, they learn to grasp, play with the clock and at the age of one year, they even wind it themselves.

Music boxes provide acoustic stimuli for the little ones. These have been shown to enhance children’s ability to concentrate. When parents leave the room where the baby is supposed to sleep, the baby feels insecure and gets scared. A music box brings a familiar sound and, depending on the model, a cuddly, soft and child-friendly motif such as small rabbits, sheep or moons into the nursery.

Music boxes with light effects also distract children. The sounding helpers for babies are useful, but not all music boxes are the same. When buying, there are some important things to consider.

First of all, parents should decide what kind of music box they want for their baby. Basically, there are 4 varieties to choose from. Classically, music boxes for babies are plush toys that can be attached to the bed or wall and wound up with the help of a string. Alternatively, music boxes can be built into mobiles, which, in addition to the sound – movement, also provide a visual stimulus. Meanwhile, music boxes are also on the market that children can take to bed with them as cuddly toys or that are integrated into the bedspread. Last but not least, many parents like music boxes that they place in a corner of the room and that, in addition to the acoustic stimulus, cast lights on the ceiling and walls in the dark that move and turn the children’s room into a little dreamland.

What should you look out for when buying a music box for babies?

  • The be-all and end-all of a good music box is the volume. She should be gentle and quiet. Music boxes that are too loud overstimulate the baby and can even cause physical complaints such as headaches and sleep disorders.
  • It is also important for every music box that it is in a closed housing so that the child cannot get hold of any small parts.
  • If the music box is housed in a plush toy, you should make sure when you buy it that it can be removed and that you can wash the plush toy. Practical Velcro fasteners or zippers make this possible.
  • Music boxes that are wound with a cord should have a grip at the end of the cord. It ensures a firm hold and your child can later wind up the music box better on their own.
  • The cord itself needs a maximum length of  8,5 inches. This is for the child’s safety as it prevents strangulation around the baby’s neck.
  • Music boxes, which will definitely end up in the child’s mouth as a comforter, must not contain any plasticizers or coloring parts that dissolve. Pay attention to the smell of the music box when you buy it.
  • Models throwing light effects at the ceiling should do so in a slow motion. The same goes for spinning mobiles.
  • When buying, wind up the music box and pay attention to the wind-up noise. It shouldn’t be loud under any circumstances, as this will wake up your baby, who has been laboriously brought to rest, just before it falls asleep when you wake it up again.


Music boxes for babies with different melodies and songs

Which melody you want to lull your baby to sleep is entirely up to you. The classics are still children’s songs, almost all of which have a soothing melody.
For example: La – Le – Lu, good evening good night, sleep little children sleep – as well as the Sandmannlied or sleep on my prince sleep on.
Many other children’s songs, but also melodies from classical music are available. Children also don’t mind if the lullaby comes from English, such as Hush little Baby. For alternative parents, there are music boxes that play the tunes of old rock songs or musicals. They put their kids to sleep with a good ol’ Stairway to Heaven or Puff the Magic Dragon. Also read: Playing in the toddler group .

Where can you buy music boxes?


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