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Constipated nose in the baby: How you can relieve the breathing difficulties

Constipated nose in the baby: How you can relieve the breathing difficulties

blocked nose in a baby can become a real “stress test”: for the little patient as well as for mommy and daddy. A cold is usually rather harmless. Too bad it usually takes about six to eight days for it to disappear again.

No matter who suffers from a cold – everyone wants to get rid of the cold quickly . New parents in particular are keen to support their little protégé to the best of their ability. Here’s how to do that.

Annoying cold – when the blocked nose becomes a burden for the baby

Babies are very sensitive, especially in the first few weeks and months of their lives. Your body sometimes reacts highly sensitively to external influences such as heat and cold. And because the child’s immune system is not yet fully developed, it stands to reason that small children get a cold relatively often .

Their little nose runs, and as a result they often cannot breathe properly. They also suffer from a sore throat when they have a cold because they have a stuffy nose. The air inhaled through the open mouth irritates the throat, making it red and painful.

Runny nose, stuffy nose, breathing problems – a nasal aspirator for the baby can help

Breathing through the mouth often feels unfamiliar for the little ones. However, there is often no other way when a blocked nose makes it difficult for the baby to breathe. A nasal aspirator for the baby is a very practical aid, and you can also relieve your child’s cold symptoms with a nasal rinse.

With these utensils and a lot of love and attention, you will easily be able to help your child get rid of the cold quickly and alleviate the annoying symptoms.

Even in grandmother’s day, natural home remedies were used to cure a baby’s stuffy nose and to get rid of a cold quickly. Then as now, the cold symptoms can be alleviated with a little patience, a lot of love and with the valuable healing powers of mother nature:

  • Chamomile tea has a calming effect and warms you from within.
  • Fennel tea is characterized by its soothing effect and helps to prevent abdominal pain. Frequent coughing sometimes causes air to collect in the abdomen. This sometimes leads to cramps or colic. You can counteract this with some fennel tea.
  • Manuka honey is relatively expensive compared to regular honey. The disinfecting, germicidal and at the same time calming effect of this New Zealand bee product will help your baby to get rid of his cold quickly.
  • Calf wraps are beneficial when the body temperature is high. You can also do a lot with cool compresses to improve the well-being of your baby with a cold.

In addition, nasal aspirators and occasional nasal rinsing can be used. In this article you will find out why a nasal aspirator is so important for a baby and what you should consider when it comes to a blocked baby’s nose.

Treat baby’s stuffy nose with love

A stuffy nose in babies can be healed with a lot of love, care and a gentle nasal rinse. In drugstores and pharmacies there are natural preparations that you can fill the nasal rinse with to treat the blocked nose in babies.


While essential oils are preferably used for adults with a cold, this is different for babies. Essential oils can “open” a baby’s stuffy nose, but it can lead to severe allergic reactions in the child.

These home remedies will get rid of the common cold

Enduring a nasal rinse is very unusual for many babies. They react restlessly, cry and often don’t want to be touched on their nose again even days later. Even with a nasal aspirator, the baby is often anxious because it finds the touch unpleasant.


The tip of the nose is full of nerve tracts and is therefore extremely sensitive. Especially if she’s already irritated by the cold. Instead of using a nasal rinse or a nasal aspirator on the baby, you can rely on natural alternatives to help your little one get rid of the cold quickly.

These home remedies in particular have proven effective for colds and coughs:

Set up a bowl of water in the children’s bedroom – this increases the humidity in the room and at least helps to keep the baby’s blocked nose from drying out. The best thing to do is place a container filled with tap water wherever you and your darling spend most of their time at home.

Room humidifiers or damp towels in the children’s room are just as useful in this regard.

Long walks in any weather literally work “true miracles” to clear a stuffy nose in the baby. Every draft that your bundle of joy inhales is good for it.

The only important thing is that your child is “wrapped” warm and cuddly in the stroller on cool days, so that the cold and damp don’t stand a chance of making the cold worse.

Onion vapors free the blocked nose in babies and are even characterized by their lasting effectiveness. All you have to do is peel an onion and chop it into small cubes. Fill them in a textile bag and hang the whole thing near the bed where your baby sleeps.

Baby’s stuffy nose won’t smell the onion at first. However, the essential oils help to moisten the nasal mucous membranes and to free up the respiratory tract to some extent.

While adults like to enjoy a steam bath when they have a cold to clear their airways, this is hardly possible for babies with a cold. Not only because small children would not “put up with such a steam bath in peace”, but rather the hot steam could pose a serious danger to the baby.

However, you have the option of sitting in front of the half-open shower cubicle with your child and turning on the tap. The warm water vapor is good for your baby because the nasal mucous membranes are moistened.


It could be that your baby’s clothes got damp from the water vapor. If this is the case, you should put him on dry, warm clothes as soon as possible.

To be on the safe side, you can put a fresh onesie on the warm heater before the shower/steam bath so that your child can feel the warmed garment on their skin immediately afterwards.

Similar to nasal sprays, nasal rinses and the like, breast milk also proves to be extremely helpful when it comes to “treating” a baby’s blocked nose. It contains all vital ingredients that also strengthen the immune system.

This allows the small body to defend itself against pathogens, germs, etc. and thus quickly get rid of the cold. If you drip a few drops into the baby’s blocked nose, the decongestant and calming effect will quickly be felt. Just give it a try.

Mix one teaspoon of table salt with one liter of water. Use it to flush the baby’s stuffed nose with the baby’s nasal aspirator. Even if the little one finds it uncomfortable at first – the saline solution is an ancient remedy for a stuffy nose in babies and adults that grandmothers already knew.

When you put your baby to bed, put him in a higher sleeping position. However, you should not use a pillow for babies and small children, but rather adjust the mattress differently instead.

If your child’s head is higher, the liquid can run out of the nose more easily. As a result, it will not dry on the inner walls of the nose when you sleep. This makes breathing easier overall.


You can wet the little nose of your bundle of joy with some Vaseline. Experience has shown that a blocked nose in babies dries out easily. With a fine film of fat you can prevent and alleviate the cold symptoms somewhat.

Your baby needs a lot of rest and relaxation. Give your little darling a lot of affection, attention and closeness now. This makes it feel safe and will certainly fall asleep faster. Sleep is the best medicine when it comes to getting rid of a cold quickly.

A stuffy nose in babies usually causes them to wheeze. makes slight wheezing noises and coughs. Of course, that’s nothing to worry about. Stupid only when the baby’s blocked nose also interferes with drinking.

Young children often have problems combining breathing with drinking. That’s why it can help if you apply a touch of nose balm under the nostrils about two to three minutes before feeding. This clears the baby’s stuffy nose and makes it easier to breathe while drinking.

Angelica balm is a proven natural supplement that can help your baby get rid of a cold quickly. It is extremely mild and can be used externally very well. However, if your child is younger than three months, it should not come into contact with the balm.

The angelica root oil it contains could irritate your child’s sensitive skin. Instead, you can spread the ointment on a cloth and hang it in the cradle or on the headboard of the crib. The oil vapors have a decongestant effect, so your little darling can soon breathe deeply again.


A stuffy nose can be very distressing for a baby. Breathing problems are usually associated with this and rattling noises are noticeable. A cold also leads to problems with drinking because babies are usually not able to combine breathing with a steady sucking or drinking mechanism.

You can already achieve a lot with natural home remedies as well as with nasal rinses, nasal sprays and aspirators.


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